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Deer Abatement Services in Columbus


Turf Damage, Erosion and Landscaping Woes

Deer can pose significant challenges for golf courses and public spaces in the Columbus area. These hoofed visitors are known to graze heavily on grass, damaging fairways, greens and roughs. Their trails and movements can lead to soil erosion issues as well. Deer also browse on trees, shrubs and landscaping plants, causing unsightly damage. The costs of reseeding, resodding and replacing ornamental plants can add up quickly. With their presence comes increased needs for pesticide applications to repair turf, potentially contaminating water sources and harming beneficial insects.

All of this can disrupt play and add major financial costs for repairs and population control efforts. Golf course superintendents must stay vigilant to quickly address deer damage before it escalates out of control.

Deer Problems for Residential and Commercial Properties

For private residences and commercial properties around Columbus, deer present a different set of headaches. They can decimate ornamental gardens and plantings through persistent browsing. Deer carry tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease that put humans and pets at risk. Their presence creates needs for expensive deterrent measures like deer-resistant plants, repellents and fencing. Vehicle collisions with deer are a safety hazard. In some areas, overabundant deer disrupt the ecological balance.

Clearly, many Columbus property owners need professional deer abatement solutions to mitigate these multifaceted problems caused by whitetails. Specialized providers like Malone’s Geese & Deer Nuisance Control Service offer expertise in humane and effective deer management.


At Malone’s Geese & Deer Nuisance Control Service, we have years of experience providing effective deer management solutions throughout the Columbus area. Our proven techniques get real results that property owners can see.

Our clients routinely see a measurable reduction in deer damage after we implement our customized abatement plans. Whether it’s less torn up turf on golf courses, reduced browsing on landscaping plants, or fewer deer-vehicle collisions, we deliver clear improvements.

Our approaches don’t just provide temporary relief – they ensure long-lasting deterrence of deer herds. Through a combination of habitat modification and more, we humanely convince deer to leave your property and stay away for good.

The real measurement of our success is our happy, satisfied customers. We take pride in helping private residences, businesses, golf courses and public spaces finally get deer problems under control after years of frustration. Our reputation is built on effective results.

Don’t let deer continue destroying your property and investment. Trust the proven deer control experts at Malone’s to humanely mitigate the issues and get you lasting reprieve from nuisance deer.