The benefits of using professional laser control as one solution I utilize to make sure geese get the hint.

Efficiency: Professional laser control companies can use commercial lasers to quickly and efficiently deter geese, reducing the amount of time and resources required to manage geese populations on the golf course.

Reduced disturbance: The use of commercial lasers is often less disruptive to the golf course and its patrons than using border collies to chase geese, as the lasers do not create noise or require physical activity on the course.

Ease of use: Commercial lasers are easier to use and less labor-intensive than using border collies, which requires training and management of the dogs.

Flexibility: Commercial lasers can be used during all hours of the day and night, allowing for more consistent and effective control efforts.  And the Canada Goose  designed laser works just as effectively in bright daylight sun reaching the geese in seconds vs minutes it would take geese dogs  slowly swimming 100's of yards into a lake as the geese keep their distance from them.

Safety: Professional laser control companies certify their operators to use commercial lasers in a safe and responsible manner, reducing the risk of injury or harm to people, pets, and wildlife.

Peace of mind: Hiring a professional laser control company can provide peace of mind, knowing that the problem is being effectively addressed by a qualified and experienced expert.

Reduced damage: Effective geese control efforts can help to reduce the damage caused by geese populations, reducing the need for costly repairs and replacements on the golf course.